Personal Survival Kit

Personal Survival Kit

to be comfortable when camping outdoors you will need to carry some basic equipment. In choosing what to include in your kit you should balance strength and versatility with compactness and lightness of the weight. There are plenty of options available to choose from. Personally, we would work on the principle “keep in simple”. So avoid any equipment that involves fiddly little fittings that can be snapped off or easily lost on the trail.
Make sure that you carry only what you need, and not an item more. Overtime assess what you have been carrying and discard things that you don’t use – except of emergency equipment such as whistle and first aid kit.

Mandatory items (Depending on nature of outdoor trip):

Sleeping bags (with full length zip); select a compact and light weight to carry; also check its rating for withstanding cold.

Sleeping Mats: This should be light; size 2 to 3 feet by 6 feet; with good amount of padding. To give you thermal insulation from ground as well as provide some padding against small pebbles.

Plastic Sheet: Light weight; 3 meter x 3 meters; multi purpose can be used for sitting; laying below your tents; insulate your bags at night against rain / humidity etc. Can also be very useful as a make shift shade (canopy) during day time etc.

Nylon / Carnamental Cords (3 mm to 5 mm): Again multiple purpose use. Tying canopy; tying something to the bag; for hanging clothes for drying; making hammock; as make shift shoe laces etc. You can carry 10 meters of 5 mm cords; and 20 meters of 3 mm cords.

Light weight Plastic bags (2 or 3); can be useful for keeping spare items at camp site; as waste bags; keeping wet / dirty clothes etc.

Soaps, Toiletries & Hygiene

Soap, Shampoo, Hand Tissue / Hand Towels / light towel, Comb, Mirror, Moisturizer, Insect / Mosquito repellent, Water Purifier (Carbon filter or Chlorine drops), hand sanitizer liquid etc.

Plate, Spoon, fork, Pocket Knife and Mug / Glass


Carry Plate or a small pan with a handle (Small Pan with handle can serve as plate as well as for cooking/ warming small items)

Mug / Glass – A Steel mug can be useful for drinking tea, soup and also for cooking / warming tea, noodles etc.

Personal First Aid Kit

Carry –

· Soframycin – Antiseptic cream
· Betnovet-C – Anti-Fungal Ointment
· Mycoderm-C – Anti-Fungal Powder
· Velbet – Anti-Inflammatory Ointment (for insect bytes and allergies)
· Bandages
· Gauze
· Small ball of cotton
· Tiny bottle of Detol / Savlon
· Asprins (Dispirine / Crocine)
· Medicine (Tables / Ointment) for common cold
· Medicine for Stomach Infection / Loose motions
· Thread and Needle
· Ointment / Tablets for Cramps / Muscle injuries
· Tablets / Glucose for De-hydration
· Sugar and Salt
· Any other personal medicine recommended by your family physician

Other Useful items

Flash lights with spare batteries (Head Lamps can be very handy)
Lighter / Match sticks

Nice to have

Can opener
Magnifying Glass
Fire Starters
Hand Book on local edible plants and herbs
Magnetic Compass and Maps
Folding Umbrella (extremely useful for protection against Sun if you are trekking through exposed area while resting; while taking picture during monsoon)

Tents will be carried by Facilitators and is out of scope of this topic