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.... Welcome to NatureKnights!!


We Explore, Learn, UN-Learn, Train,  We Travel, Have FUN... 

Our Bucket of programs include... Out Bound Learning or OBT, Experiential Exploring (ELP), Team Building, Leadership Development, Experiential  Exploring Tourism, Offsite Event, Student Field Trips, CSR, POSH, PUSH, NGO, Skill Development, Life Skills...

Tools of our engagements include ... Activities, Adventures, Games, Simulations, Music, Theater, Yoga, Dance,  Spirituality, Nature, Exploring, Reflecting, Sharing ... 

We blend it with experiences like Glamping, Camping, Himalayas Jeep Safari, Himalayan Trekking and Walking Expeditions, Desert Safaris, Wild Life Safaris, Adventures sports like Rappelling, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Sailing, Fishing, Paragliding, Caving, Snorkeling, Rural Experiences etc...

We honestly attempt to live, rather than survive and we will be happy to share our experiences and host your team events.

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WhatsApp: 9619182010 / asif@natureknights.net 

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Our Tribe

NatureKnights programs are designed and executed by our team of professionals from diverse corporate and cultural backgrounds. They include professionals from Technology, Human Resource, Business Consulting, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Media, Doctors, Adventure Professionals, Travelers, Farmers, Ex. Services Men, Masters in Yoga, Masters in Classical Dance, Spirituality to name a few.

Our seasoned core team is made of people who come from Corporate World who have varied hands on exposure of Off Beat Travel and Adventure Sports. Many of these team members have already handled several Adventure Offsite Events, Managed Extreme Adventure Sports and Team Building Events. Nature Knights team comprises of its core members teaming up with local associates across all geographical area of our operations to give safe and lifetime experiences to our customers.

We don't claim to be the best... but our passion and enthusiasm is next to none.

Few of our clients... 


To built a cherished community of Leaders that facilitate in building Great Teams and Leaders.

Out goal is to provide authentic local experiences through our exploring tours and adventures and use the profits to create change for a better world. 


A desire to repay Nature

The world is not for us to inherit, but to cherish and gift to the future generation

Take only memories leave only footprints

Respect and sensitivity towards Nature, Individuals, Places and Cultures