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Corporate Offsite Options

Inspire, Motivate and Energise your Tribe

Nature Knights Adventure and Team Building Offsite Programs.. 1000 adventures with Nature Knights.

  • Three Days Experiential Team Building Corporate Offsite
  • Two Days Experiential Team Building and Bonding Corporate Offsite
  • One Day Corporate Trek (Trek combined with 2 to 3 Team Building and Bonding Games)
  • Overnight Camping Offsite (Combines with Barbecue, Campfire, 2 to 3 Team Building and Bonding Games)
  • One Day Corporate Adventure Offsite combines with couple of team building games.
  • Obstacle Course and Mega Treasures with Team Building objectives.
  • Camping and Survival Camps in Wilderness with Team Building and Leadership Program.
  • Team Building Program Wild Life Safari (Corbett, Tadoba, Kanha, Gir, Sunderbans or Bandhav Gad)
  • Team Building Program with Himalayan Safari (Ladakh, Kashmir, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh). 4 Days to 10 Days package from the nearest airport.
  • Rest and Recreation Offsite (Rural Tourism, Camping, Wild Life, and Beaches)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Engaging in a meaningful CSR Program)
  • Creativity and Imagination Workshops at Offsite or within your office premises (Art and Craft)