Camping Checklist - Organised Camping

Any camping experiences is going back to living in basics; although most organized camping ground have few basic amenities like ready pitched tents with provision for sleeping with either sleeping bags or mats with pillows and kambals; chairs; tables; khats; hammocks; shared wash rooms; a kitchen cum pantry where hot meals are prepared; gazebos shades to be utilized during the day time etc. Do check with the local manager what's available and what's not.

Here goes a standard checklist for camping in organized camping ground:


Attire / Change Clothes to be carried:

Loose comfortable clothes suited for kind of activities planned (avoid any kind of formals)
Trackpants or Leggings; Shorts / Three Fourths; T-Shirts
Change Clothes and Swimming Trunks
Trekking Shoe or Canvas Shoe (with spare slippers or floaters)
Do not wear leather shoes or expensive running shoes; these are not suitable for this type of trips and will end up getting damaged.

Protection against sun
 Sun Screen, Cap or Hat, sun glasses

Towel and Soap, personal toiletries
Flash Light
Re-charger or power bank
Personal Medical Kit (General Medical Kit will be available with Group)
Hand mirror
Personal Water bottles
Backpack / Duffel Bag and Small Day Pack or sling bag
All packed in backpack or duffel bag 
Also carry a small nap sack or small backpack for small treks or field trips to carry your waterbottle; camera; personal snacks; personal medical kit etc.

Camping Ground Rules:
We follow strict eco-tourism policy (no littering, we take back everything that we carry to campsite). We provide litter bins across the campsite.
Kindly take care of your personal belongings; we will not be responsible for them.
Please leave your shoes outside the tents.
Eating of food not allowed inside the tents.
Use of sharp objects or cooking inside the tent not allowed.
Lights out after 11:00 pm; No loud noises after 11:00 pm.
Respect privacy of other campers.
No Smoking inside tents or on meal tables
Drugs not allowed in our camping area