Hill or Summit Climb

Climbing Corporate Ladder...

Team Building with Easy Trek to Summit Climbs. And we can make it more interesting...

(Involves – One hour to Two Hours one way approximately, depending on the collective team capability).

Treks can be combined with a geographical wide treasure hunt or obstacle course or Nature Walks or basic rock climbing and Easy Rappelling etc.

Going Beyond Comfort Zone
Sensitizing & learning from Nature
Inter Dependency
Risk Taking and Risk Analyzing 
Getting back to basics
More objectives can be achieved by combining treks with other activities.

At Nature Knights we understand that each customer requirement is unique and hence each activity / experience requires bespoke (custom) design to meet these unique deliverables.

Important note: Executing Experiential Corporate Offsite requires a team of experienced and qualified facilitators. It's worth partnering with the right Corporate Offsite Specialist company for your employee engagement program as your offsite objectives; money and time are very precious.