FAQs Tapovan Trek

FAQs Tapovan Trek
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Sleeping Bag
Will we be provided with sleeping bags during trek/camping?
But it is a good idea to buy your own sleeping bag (that can give you shelter for temperatures upto -5 degree centigrade). Or carry your own if you have one.
Sleeping Bag
Will the sleeping bag be new?
No, Sleeping bags are rented out, and will be clean as per trekking standards in India. 
But it is a good idea to buy your own sleeping bag (that can give you shelter for temperatures upto -5 degree centigrade). Or carry your own if you have one.
How many persons will share a room / tent
We have budgeted for double occupancy accomodation. In case of odd number of participants the last 3 persons will be sharing a tent / room.
Note: Any one staying single occupancy will have to pay extra; and the same has to be communicated well in advance as in small towns number of hotels/guest houses / rooms are limited.
What are the names of hotels we are staying and which locations are we camping
City Hotel Nights
Rishikesh Hotel Neeraj 01
Gangotri New Mandakini/with one more hotel  01
Chirwasa Camping 01
Bhojwasa Camping 02

Uttarkashi Shivlinga resort  01
Rishikesh Hotel Neeraj 01
Note: at Gangotri (few participants will be staying at New Mandakini and few in some other hotel). Gangotri is a small town does not have any hotels that can accommodate 40 persons.
Charging Points and Electricity
Will we get mobile/camera charging facility at all locations
At Rishikesh, Gangotri, Uttarkashi you will get charging points. But these being small towns electricity is not 100% reliable.
Carry - Small extension cords with multiple plug-points.
Spare batteries
and Power Banks.
Camp Fire
Will there be campfire during evenings at all camping location
We are travelling through wild life sanctuary (forest reserve area). So chances of open group campfire are remote; in case it is allowed we will use local waste wood for the same.
Participants may carry body warmers and good jackets with hood for the evenings. Winter glooves too.
Hot water for shower
Will we get hot water for taking bath at camping location?
We are assuming that all hotels will have hot and cold bathing facility
No, Hot water and batch facility at camping location after gangotri is not available.
We will have shower facility at (Rishikesh, Gangotri and Uttarkashi)
Carry - Candit Anti-Fungal Power. Its used by most trekkers who do multi-day apline treks. You may also carry plenty of Wet and Dry tissue. Hand Sanitizers. (note: kindly do not litter waste; either carry them back or dispose them in dustbins whereever available).
Drinking Water
What will be the arrangements for drinking water?
During trek, we will be providing filtered and boiled water to trekkers during morning and evenings. A Drinking water main containers will be kept for campers. They can fill the bottle from this large container. During treks in some one requires more refill from the ganga source, our guide will help you source it from the Ganga River.  Note: bottled water is not part of the package and also may not be availabe at most locations during trek.
It is advised that all trekkers / campers should carry, 2 bottles of water (either Hardened Grade One Plastic or Bottle Made of metal). Also note Ganga River water beyond Gangotri is supposed to be in its purest forms. But to be on the safe side its recommended to filter and boil the water before drinking.
Travel and Emergency Insurance
Do we have insurance coverage
I have shared the only insurance policy available for treks in India; Also note the policy provides for reembursements. i.e. One has to spend the first and then apply for reembursements with proper procedure.
Cost of Emergency evacuation
Who bares the cost of emergency evaculation?
Cost of any emergency evacuation has to be borne by the participants. One of our guides will accompany the person to be evacuated. Cost like medical treatment, un-planned travel, help of local resources extra porters and mules etc. Cost will have to be worked out from case to case basis.
Participants should carry some emergency cash, credit cards and cheque book (all). Remote locations will not have credit card facility. This is just for emergency in case needed.
Plastic cover for bags
Will there be rain proof cover
There will be a plastic tarpolin cover over the luggage. But it is strongly adviced that all items in the baggage should first be kept in double plastic or dry bags before inserting into Duffle Bag or Backpack.
Pack all items in double plastic or dry bags before stuffing into Duffle Bag or Backpack.
First Aid
Will first aid be available?
Basic 1st Aid will be avialable.
Soframycin, Velbet
Ointments for injuries
Burnol, Volinie
Mosquito repellent
Surgical Gauze, Gauze Rolls and Cotton
Few bandages
Tablets in limited quantity:
Crocine, Dimox, Dispirine, D-Cold, Metrogil (stomach infection), Antacid, Avomin for anti-vomit, something for Diaria, Detol,
What each participants should carry? (in their personal 1st aid kit)
Dimox or equivalent (for altitude sickness)
Vix Rub
Hand Sanitizer
Velbet cream
Volini Rub or spray
Bandaid (it help for shoe bites)
Anta-cid if someone has chronic problems
Medicines for any chronic illness if they have
Every one should carry their personal 1st aid too.
Emergency, Illness
What happens if some one is not well and needs to be evacuated?
If someone is not feeling well before beginning of trek at Gangotri. We will have to take a call if he/she has to be send back to Rishikesh.
If some one is on the trek and need to get back to camp or be send back. We will organise a evaculation party comprising of one guide and few hired locals (ponies if required) and he will be send back for treatment / evacuation. The cost of evacuation will be borne by the participants. And will have to be paid in cash.
If your group wants that proactively we should have couple of extra locals with couple of ponies in the beginning. Arrangement can be made for the same. Medical clinics are available at Gangotri. Hospitals are also available at Uttarkashi to handle emergency. Insurance policy has been shared.
Mid-way drop out
Same as (Emergency, illness)
Same as (Emergency, illness)
Same as (Emergency, illness)
Portage (max size, weight, dimension)
How much portage is allowed.
Officially only 10 KG is allowed per person as per the local union. But as we had earlier discussed 15 KG. Portage to be given to porters only in backpack or duffel bags. We will only carry stuff that is required for the trek. Remaining will be left behind at Gangotri.
Extra luggage can be left behind at Gangotri (We will make provision to keep extra luggage there in poly bags.)

For expensive stuff. It should not be left behind with other luggage like clothes etc. In case there is few expensive laptops or similar stuff to be left behind. We will have to hire an extra room, from the guest house. We will put our lock to this room. The cost of the exclusive extra room for 4 days will have to be borne by participants.
What meals will be provided? How many.
During the trek we will provide (7 Lunch, 7 Dinner and 7 Breakfast). As we are missing one lunch. We will provide a hi-tea on day 1 instead (i.e. on Oct 1st).
Oct 1st - Hi-Tea and Dinner
Oct 2nd - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Oct 3rd - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Some Snack during trek and Evening Tea/Coffee Biscuits
Oct 4th - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Some Snack during trek and Evening Tea/Coffee Biscuits
Oct 5th - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Some Snack during trek and Evening Tea/Coffee Biscuits
Oct 6th - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Some Snack during trek and Dinner at Uttarkashi
Oct 7th - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Oct 8th Breakfast.
Note: Non-Veg food is not allowed all along (Rishkesh - Uttarkashi - Gangotri - and in entire trek region). By Law.
Alcohol is also strictly not allowed. So carring of alcohol and/or non veg food is strictly prohibited. In this region since August 2017 onwards. It is strongly advised to go by the statutory compliances.
How difficult is the trek?
Any trek in Himalayas are difficult due to high altitude. We will be trekking from 10,000 feet above mean sea level till 14700 feet above sea level.
We have to acclimatize, very systamically (like trek at slow pace, drink plenty of fluid, take medicine like Dimox or similar if required, eat regular meals, 8 to 10 hours sleep minimum). etc. We will induct participants before trek.
We have paced the trek very easily, Instead of trekking straight from (Gangotri to Bhojwasa - we are trekking from Gangotri to Chirbasa and then from Chirbasa to Bhojwasa); so I guess everyone should comfortably reach Bhojwasa. Unless someone falls ill during to some unforseen circumstances.
Bhojwasa-Gaumukh-Tapovan part of the trek is tough (we should start early this day). Bhojwasa to Gaumukh is slightly tough; The toughest part of the entire trek is from Gaumukh to Tapovan. If we do it at slow pace and breaks I am sure all should be able to do it. We should have a cut off time for starting back for campsite. 
Check list for treks
What are the mandatory items for the trek?
I have already shared the mandatory checklist
Kindly go through it line by line; page by page.
Preperation for trek
How do we prepare for this trek?
I have already shared how to prepare for this trek.
Hope everyone is going for regular walks by now and also everyone would have done some local small treks. (atleast 2 to 3). That will help tone up your body. Basic fitness and good health before one come for this trek is the key to enjoy any himalayan trek.
Pickup timings and drop timings at Airport
What will be the pickup and drop timings to airport.
We will have two coaches for airport transfer? These buses will be at the airport at pre-decided timings (so we will have 2 fixed arrival transfer) i.e. on Oct 1st (between 2pm to 6 pm) and on Oct 8th (between 9 am to 1 pm).
Kindly 2 fixed convenient timings for transfer coaches (during arrival and during arrival).